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About Us

Biju is a boutique London jewellery design company born within a family of creatives with a passion for jewellery and paper arts. The driving force behind our work is the inspiration by natural forms, traditions of the world and our desire to create beautiful objects that bring joy while being as harmless to nature as possible. 


As creatives, we love experimenting with different materials and techniques and we are proud to be able to incorporate upcycling in our production process. This means that we recycle materials by repurposing them into a unique new products that are environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable. 


All of our jewellery is entirely hand crafted and packaged. Designed to be fun and quirky, while challenging and re-imagining jewellery as a traditional medium.  


We take great pride in experimenting with and refining new ideas, motivated by a passion to create something a little different.   


At the very beginning of our journey we are full of idealistic plans for the future, positive drive to create and childish curiosity to explore the creative possibilities of silver, paper and other materials. We are excited to show you our work and connect with you so go ahead and check our products out and do not hesitate to contact us!

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